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Inhalational Alzheimer's
Inhalational Alzheimer’s References: Bredesen Aging, Inhalational means caused by breathing. How awful and how insidious! But that's exactly what this article is about. The primary cause is mold biotoxins, though other toxins will carry out the same effect. Indoor pollution is worse than outdoor pollution and our homes are so airtight now, we often have levels of toxin in the air that far exceeds the level of mold toxins outdoors. The whole biotoxin pathway gets activated and sets in motion t...
Leptin Resistance and Inflammation
Leptin Resistance and Inflammation References: Am Jr Coll Card, Vitamin Hormones, Curr Immunol Review, Cell, Leptin is the hormone that has several important functions. One is that it is secreted when your fat cells say they are full. It is a feedback loop that tells you that you have had enough to eat, so stop. Fine and dandy. But like everything else in your body, there are layers and layers of delicate complexity far exceeding the first layer of functionality. Another layer is that it ess...
Biotoxin XV: VIP - The Magic Bullet
 Biotoxin XV: VIP The Final Magic Bullet References: Surviving Mold, Biotoxin Journey, Internal Medicine Review, 100%. Did you catch that? Everyone with mold illness, following the 11 step program Shoemaker has put together, will find relief. Well, almost everyone. Some folks who have been sick for years have deeply imbedded patterns and may need to be on VIP for a long time, but nevertheless, Shoemaker has found that his program returns (almost) everyone back to much higher levels of funct...
Biotoxin XIV: Fixing TGF-beta 1
  Biotoxin XIV: Fixing TGF-Beta1 References: Shoemaker Protocol, Science, Wikipedia, Sci Rep 2017, We are almost at the end of our Biotoxin Treatment Pathway. Fixing TGF-beta 1 is next to last. If your level is over 2380, you need to fix it. And fix it you can. What is it that TGF-beta 1 does? It's a member of superfamily of cytokines in that it has myriad functions. It plays a key roll in cellular differentiation, proliferation, and finally apoptosis. Many cells secrete it and respond ...
Biotoxin XIII: Fixing C4a
References: Jr Aller Clin Immun,, Seminar Immunopath, If you hadn't heard of C3a last week, you don't know about C4a either. It's another member of the complement system, that basic process that kills invading bacteria with nonspecific chemicals. The complement system is a cascade like multiplying dominoes that rapidly magnify your immune response. C4a is an activationanaphylatoxin that can rapidly ramp up trouble. It's one step up from C3a. . There are three pathways of c...
Biotoxin XII: Cleaning up C3a
References: Surviving Mold, Mold Warriors, p 396, Jr of Immunology, Ever heard of C3a? Bet you hadn't. Ever heard of statins? Sure. That's where statins work. And C3a is the heart of biotoxin illness. It is the nexus of the complement system. The complement system is the cascade of inflammation that fires off when your body sees and recognizes an outside invader. We have made the analogy of biotoxin setting off the 911 alarm system in your community with sirens blaring everywhere. C3a is the ...
Biotoxin XI: Cleaning up VEGF and Getting Your Energy Back
References: Mold Warriors, p 93 by Ritchie Shoemaker, Surviving Mold - Berndtson, Jr Physiology, Fatigue is a cardinal symptom of the Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, CIRS. Biotoxin Illness. Folks just feel tired. And this unpacks the third layer of biotoxin illness. Layer one is the nonspecific inflammation set off by the innate immune system and all the resultant cytokines streaming all over your body, wreaking havoc and causing weird symptoms. Layer two is the resultant disruption o...
Biotoxin Part X: Putting Cytokines back in Order - One by One - MMP-9 First
References:, Biochem Biophy Res Comm, Mol Med Rep,  CIRS (Biotoxin Illness) or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome sets off a host of cytokines. We are a long way from understanding the complexity of all the interactions that occur, but we are beginning to understand preliminary methods of how to manipulate them and fix them. Remember, CIRS is really a firestorm being set off in your innate immune system - your lizard level built in, non specific, immune system that...
Biotoxin IX: Peeing Like a Racehorse
 References: Surviving Mold, Biotoxin Journey,  How often do you take a leak? Four to five times a day? Once at night? Or have you gotten used to urinating every hour? Twenty times a day? Do you get up more than twice at night? Do you feel thirsty all the time? Even more mysterious, do you have a lot of static shocks? If so, these are all they symptoms of biotoxin illness affecting the pituitary gland. Once your understand it and you learn how to fix it, you breathe a sigh of relief. You ca...
Biotoxin VIII: Absent Androgens
References:  Surviving Mold,  Jr Sex Medicine, How many men do you know who say they are low on energy? And how many ads do you see touting the claim that they are “low T” and suggesting they get on more testosterone? Are you a bit skeptical that that may be the case? You should be, because many of those men, if not most, are Biotoxin Refugees, not “Gonadal Insufficiency” as modern medicine defines them.   They can get fixed by going upstream, in the majority of situations, to the ...