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Reverse Coronary Artery Disease with Pycnogenol and Centella
Reverse Atherosclerosis? Really! We have been chasing this Holy Grail for years. Is there a way to turn off the inflammatory process that causes plaque to form in your arteries? Now that we can measure calcium buildup in arteries with ultrasounds and CTs of the heart, we have begun to explore other avenues that start with prevention. The very first evidence came out in the 1970s and 80s with Ornish and Pritikin encouraging folks to eat less animal protein. Their early work was encouraging but go...
Prolonged Sitting Isn't Helped by Fish Oil, But Exercise, Fidgeting, and Standing Does Help
References: Appl Phys Nutr Met., Am Jr Phys Heart Phys,Inter Jour Mol Med., Cosmic Heart, Human Heart, This is so sobering! You just can't sit for 3 hours at a time. It's a big, fat problem. It makes "endothelial dysfunction" in the walls of your arteries. The language that is used sounds like this: "sustained reduction in blood flow-induced shear stress" is what happens when you sit too long. What on earth is shear stress? You might be surprised to take a deep dive into how...
Heart Disease is a Sulfate Deficiency Problem
Heart Disease is a Sulfate Deficiency Problem References:  Theor Biol Med Mod, Half of us, men and women, die of this scourge. I have spent a career battling heart disease in Emergency Medicine and now Functional Medicine. And I'm still puzzled why it happens. We explain, as best we can, that we think it's caused by the agglomeration of small, dense LDLs into our arteries. White cells then come along and try to digest those packets of fat, and can't do it. They die...
Sulfate: Maybe it All begins with Sulfate
Sulfate: Maybe it All begins with Sulfate References:  Holistic Primary Care,  Theor Biol Med Model, You've probably heard the term -sulfate added on to many medical terms. For example: chondroitin sulfate. You might have shrugged it off like it was just an add on salt, and no big deal. In that, you may be very, very wrong. At least, you are if Stephanie Senneff from MIT is right. At last March's Clinical and Scientific Insights Conference in San Francisco Dr. Senneff had a breakout sessio...
Chondroitin, The Cure for Heart Disease
Chondroitin; The Cure For Heart Disease, Right Before Our Eyes References:  Exp Med Surg 1969, Atherosclerosis 2017,Knowledge of Health, Angiology, This is strong language. CURE for heart disease. But I think it's real. What is fascinating to me is that this is not new. It was published in 1969 and disappeared. My eyes were opened when a new client came to me with a story of curing himself, following this method. He had catheterization data to prove it. So, what'...
Alkali Diet Part IV: Magnesium
What are the Benefits? The Minuet of Mighty Minerals Concludes with Magnesium Competency # 16: Mighty Minerals Reference: Web Link for the “Traditional” Poo-Poo to the Alkaline Diet. Here is where we may be getting a little bit ahead of the system.  There are NO good studies that show that eating a specifically alkaline diet will make a difference in cancer or heart disease by tradit...