How to Stop Post COVID-19 Heart Inflammation in Kids

October 08, 2023

How to Repair Post-COVID Heart Inflammation in Children

The COVID pandemic is not yet over. As of Oct 6, 2023, some 230 people are dying from COVID-19. Most of those were over age 65 of whom a majority were unvaccinated. Children hardly get COVID at all. That is likely attributable to the protective effect of Nitric Oxide in children, among other features. But some do, and with some severity. Much has been made about children getting cardiomyopathy from the COVID-19 vaccine leading to vaccine hesitancy.

We now know considerably more than we did before about COVID. It is a nasty virus. It attaches to the ACE receptor in the endothelium and can infiltrate cardiac muscles, causing direct damage. It can also set off cascades of inflammatory markers that cause indirect damage. A study from Turkey (Türkiye?) of over 200 children infected with COVID revealed elevated troponin levels, indicating damaged heart muscle.

Why are we all so susceptible to inflammation from COVID in our hearts? We are beginning to get insight. See if this makes sense to you. Heart muscle fibers are surrounded by a unique membrane called the sarcolemma. It helps conduct electrical impulses that fire off the muscle. Its membrane content is very high in plasmalogen lipids. The vinyl ether bond of plasmalogens is the antioxidant of first resort in the sarcolemma. COVID sets off a tidal wave of inflammation, stripping the heart sarcolemma membranes of protection. With heart muscle exposed to the whirling inflammatory markers, troponin shows up. This can end very badly.

Not published yet in the literature is a lecture given by a pediatrician from Seattle of 7 children with COVID and cardiac symptoms. This pediatrician measured CRP, by luck, and found it to be very high. Normal CRP is under 1. A level of 2 confers a doubled risk for cardiovascular disease. These reported cases had CRPs up to 120. Very, very high. Several of them had been to local ERs and sent home being told they would be all right in a couple of days without measurement of the CRP. The pediatrician reported administering Prodrome Glia, the plasmalogen supplement that elevates blood levels of native serum plasmalogen lipids. The children all repaired their symptoms within 3 days. Their CRPs were back below 1 in that time frame as well. This is a stunning development. The speed of repair suggests the discovery of the key to healing. 

So, just what happened? The hurricane of inflammation that COVID set off is short-lived as the immune system will ramp up to protect you. That ramping up happens in 1-2 days if you have been vaccinated or had the infection on your own. The virus has about a 24-hour generation life and is in a race with the immune system to multiply and spread faster than the immune system can respond. Children ramp up very fast. The infection is resolved but once the inflammation gets going, it takes much longer to repair the damaged membranes. Prodrome Glia is the key missing membrane building block to fix the defect. A dose of 100 mg per kg overpowers the inflammation and calms the hurricane down.

www.What will Work for me? The pediatrician concludes that everyone should have Prodrome Glia for at least a week after a COVID-19 infection. I sense that she was right. We should also all be taking Nitric Oxide or at least have it handy so that we can gobble it down every couple of hours if we get infected. And no one has ever died if they have been on Vitamin C and E as counters to the cytokine storm of severe COVID. Having those handy may also be a prescient strategy. I also take peroxide from (CVS/Walgreens) dilute it two to 1 and spray it in my nostrils and back of my throat when I am out in high exposure circumstances. Plane trips, theatres, and crowded restaurants all qualify.

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Pop Quiz

1. What does COVID infection do to the heart?                      Answer: It attaches to the ACE receptor on the sarcolemma and invades the cells, emitting lots of inflammatory markers.

2. Why is the heart so susceptible?                 Answer. We are not sure but it seems likely to me that where ever the infection is in the body, it has blood picking up the virus and taking it back to the heart and lungs first.

3. Is it safe to be vaccinated?                    Answer. Well, to some degree, no. There is a real risk to being vaccinated because we are given a nasty protein from a nasty virus. There is no perfect vaccine with no side effects, ever. There is some incidence of various side effects. Good research from Oxford shows that the risk of the vaccine is about 1/10th the risk of the native virus. It's an odds game. I'll accept those odds and get my booster.

4, When is this cursed virus going to leave us alone?                     Answer: Never. It is around for the rest of our lives.

5. How expensive is peroxide, Vitamins C and E?                    Answer: Pennies a day.