How to Cure Migraine - Maybe Forever

June 04, 2023

How to Cure Migraine: Forever!

"Dad, I've got the worst headache I've ever had. It came on suddenly." My own son, calling me from the mid-Atlantic on a plane from Switzerland, coming to a family reunion. This is the worst possible thing you can tell a parent. He must have an aneurysm that's leaking. He needs a CT scan and probably surgery.

"When do you land? We'll be there."

He was coming with his family from Switzerland, to land in Boston in 90 minutes. We had minutes to get on the road, but it was Memorial Day weekend. We were at the resort on Cape Cod getting prepared for our reunion. Two of us rushed for the car and got on the meet 100,000 people leaving the Cape at the end of the weekend. Traffic was backed up for miles. There is only one major bridge off the cape and everyone was going home. That's why there are signs all over the cape saying, "Plan your departure, expect delays 4-7 pm." His life depended on speed, and we were stuck...

They landed. We were 5 miles closer, but still 40 miles away. They made it to baggage control. We were 3 miles closer. Almost to the bridge. They were at the rental car. We were still 35 miles away.

"Don't pick up any suitcases....Let Laura drive......We'll meet you at MacDonald's at .....exit". I watched the car on Google Live inch closer. There was the car...they had made it to our car. He looked awful. We switched drivers and in my own head I decided he would get faster service at Cape Cod Hospital than a huge city hospital, even if Mass General is the best in America if not the world.

Forty precious minutes later with him lying back and making no exertion, we pull into the ER arrival bay. I was about to witness the best of American ER medicine. Triage in 1 minute, CT scan ordered from the triage desk. The ED doctor examined him while rolling. Into the CT scanner to see if his brain was filled with blood from an aneurysm.....results in 5 minutes. Negative. No blood. No aneurysm.

Just a horrible, first migraine. "Worst pain I ever had in my life." IV cocktail of Reglan, Benadryl, and Decadron.....and the pain gradually eased away. What a relief! What a scare. Post-Covid migraine? Are they linked? He had C0vid a year ago and had long Covid for 6 months. Is that linked? Yes, they are linked.

Does migraine have the same defects in white matter showing demyelination that we see in long Covid, autism, ADHD, manic depressive disease, MS....? Yes! Yes! Yes!It's all the same pathway of excessive inflammation overwhelming the mitochondria, making too much peroxide, overwhelming glutathione and eventually making the dreaded OH- hydroxyl ion that damages myelin. Microglia, the garbage trucks of the brain then try to clear up the mess and start demyelinating white water. So-called white matter are the axons covered in myelin that link all the neurons to each other. With damage to myelin and decreased myelination, speed of nerve conduction slows down. Victims experience brain fog. And that damage shows up on MRI diffusion studies. You can see it with the newer, MRI 2 Tesla machines. Wait till we get 4 Tesla machines! Imagine the detail.

If you look at 44 patients with chronic migraine and measure their malondialdehyde, the chemical you make when the OH- hydroxyl ion damages the cis-bonds of plasmalogens (proving that you have the inflammatory pathway common to autism, ADHD, long COVID, MS, etc), it is statistically much higher than it should be. The brain is on fire. And MRI scans confirm it. Migraine sufferers have detectable white matter defects in their brain. You can see the excessive white matter water that is linked to uncontrolled inflammation and the chemical changes that confirm the process.

That gives us a pathway to repair the damage and turn off the chronic activation of OH-. Address all of the pathway mechanics and chemical imbalances. Give NAC, Acetyl-carnitine, lecithin, B12, B1, B6, B9 and most importantly, Prodrome Glia so that you can repair the white matter and stop the microglial activation that is wreaking the havoc.

www.What will Work for me. So that's what I did. I first asked David if I could use his story. He said sure! Because he got better so quickly. This is an important story. It expands the reach of Goodenowe's autism study. I gave him 50 mg per kg of Prodrome Glia and his headache disappeared in 12 hours. He was still a 4 on return from the hospital. It dropped to a "1" with the Glia and then after 24 hours was zero. It was a first migraine after long COVID, but headache is clearly linked to COVID and can last for months with debilitating pain. We can interrupt this whole vicious cycle. We now have a tool for understanding the pathophysiology of migraine (MRI diffusion studies), and address the root cause....some sort of inflammation that overwhelms mitochondria, allowing electrons to escape at such a rate that they overwhelm the control mechanisms. The hydroxyl ion escapes and we end up with damaged white matter, elevated malondialdehyde. Support each and every control mechanism, and provide plasmalogen support, and we may have the demon migraine in a corner and controlled. How fortunate we are to live in a time with the expansion of scientific discovery. We plan to "fill up his tank" for the next 6 months with the Glia and all the support chemicals that address all the antioxidant control pathways. Exhale. He is ok. "Just" a migraine.

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Pop Quiz

1. A description of one patient is sufficient to make conclusions with? T or F. Answer: Absolutely not. But it does confirm data and needs to be further tested.

2. The pathophysiology of migraine being similar to long COVID, MS, ADHD and autism comes as a surprise. T or F. Answer: False. That's how medicine works. It should follow established, testable pathways. So far we have 44 patients being reported with exactly this pathway. Just not with the treatment arm attached to that study.

3. What was missing from the 44 patient series? Answer: An action plan for cure. The ability to manufacture the plasmalogen molecule chassis called Prodrome Glia is new in the last 6 months, so still not widely tested. 

4. What is the key ingredient in the action plan? Answer: Addessing each of the four critical support systems and finally, supplying the building blocks of myelin replenishment, Prodrome GLIA.

5. Why is migraine so persistent and keep relapsing? Answer: Like ADHD, autism, manic depression, long COVID, all share the same conundrum. Our brains have expanded to such a degree that our capacity to add extra plasmalogens to the mix is limited. It's as if we have a vulnerability/bottleneck in that the human body can only supply so much new plasmalogen. When we get a huge insult of inflammation, we can never recover back to "sufficiency" much less resilience and redundancy. We need outside help. Prodrome Glia gives that help. Without that help, we continue to tip-toe along the edge of recurrent symptoms with ongoing, low grade damage. The symptoms come and go with mysterious exacerbations from the tiniest of insults. We can never escape it...... until now. Now, we can.