The Autism Cure Program

May 06, 2023

How To Fix Autism: The Program, Part 4

We have reviewed the critical metabolic problems that promote autism.

1. Mitochondrial distress from an overload of elections and NADH leads to loose electrons that make reactive oxygen species. Cause of this? Anything that causes inflammation, reduces Nitric Oxide. High fructose corn syrup and table sugar are both right up there. Those reactive oxygen species make peroxide.

2. Too much hydrogen peroxide overwhelms all the safety systems to neutralize and we end up making too much OH-, the hydroxyl anion. The final evil ion. 

3. The hydroxyl anion damages plasmalogen lipids that are the coating of your nerve fibers, and axons. You make malondialdehyde, and you lose plasmalogen coating and protection of your nerve fibers.  (Remember this key factor because this is how we get to cure.)


4. Malondialdehyde activates microglia which attack the damaged axons and demyelinate the "white matter" in the brain. That can be seen and proven on MRI in autistic "victims". The microglia damage the methylation system by flooding the damaged cells with glutamate. Brain cells suffer and may die, but certainly don't have their wires communicate the way they were meant to. Autism ensues. (Or, if less affected, ADHD, manic depressive disease, or long COVID.....all have similar pathology.

5. Young children are most often affected because they have the least myelin. As children age and eat healthy food, they progressively develop more layers of myelin in their brains. The more layers of myelin, the faster your brain transmits signals. And yes, the more myelin, the faster and smarter your brain is.  Eventually, the brain becomes so myelinated that autism doesn't happen in its fullest forms, but other lesser forms occur that are called ADHD, manic depressive disease, etc

There you have it. That's the physiological process of making a healthy kid's brain into an autistic brain. Knowing that, what are the steps to fix it?

A caveat. An autistic child has been deprived of normal brain function for a period of time. Their brain hasn't learned how to process language, emotions (love and trust), culture properly. Their learning has been delayed. Fixing all the metabolic problems doesn't repair that deficit and the child will need to learn to love, and be loved, to read and talk normally, to trust and be trusted.

 We are going to learn how long all that takes....but a healthy brain can do that.

Step 1. Consider avoiding problematic foods containing sugar (particularly fructose), fried food using vegetable Omega 6 oils, A1 milk, and ultra-processed foods (more than 5 ingredients, wheat).

Step 2. Support the Mitochondria. Carnitine, CoQ10, B1, B2, B3, NAC

Step 3. Methylation Support. Creatine, egg yolk lecithin, B12, folate, betaine, B9, NAC

Step 4 General Nutritional Support. Sugar in the form of trehalose, Egg yolk oil, Whey Protein, Vitamins A, E, D3, K2, B6

How do we get all of those supplements into a child? Special Milk available to all children in the Autism Trial and generally available later this year. Or dig in and give it a try.

Step 5. Plasmalogen replacement and Myelin Repair. Prodrome Glia, 8 capsules a day (This has been the missing link. Now we have it. Everything else is part of the orchestra. This is the Maestro.). The whole program depends on this foundation. Prodrome Glia is essentially the basic skeleton building block for the brain to get to work and remyelinate those damaged neurons.

www.What will Work for me. I am awaiting the start of the trial. Families will get 4 bottles of Prodrome Glia for free, that will last a month and a reduced rate thereafter for participating in the trial. This is the missing link we have not had available to us until now. Now, we can prove that Prodrome Glia gets into the brain and stops the demyelination very rapidly. Days to weeks. Then, with metabolic repair in progress, it will take time, love, and caring to teach the child to love, trust, learn, remember....and all that happens in time.

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Pop Quiz

1. It has been proven in the lab that each step of the metabolic pathway of autism can be addressed, resolved, and repaired. T or F.                            Answer: True

2. It has been proven in large, placebo-controlled trials of autism that Prodrome Glia cures autism. T or F.                                    Answer: False. Very exciting anecdotes holding promise. 

Hence starting an open-label study as it was deemed unethical to withhold treatment when the real option of success was so close.

3. Prodrome Glia is toxic and should be studied further. T or F.                               Answer: false. No toxicity. Generally recognized as safe and sold as a supplement. It's essentially the core building block you make yourself to coat your own nerve cells. Prodrome Glia has been proven to safely reverse and repair the metabolic defect of RDCP children that are born without the ability to make any plasmalogens. Very rare condition but nature's example of absolute and complete plasmalogen deficit. That has been published in the peer-reviewed literature. 

4. A treated autistic child will recover in weeks into a normal child. T or F.                 Answer: False and not claimed by the program. Early adapting parents report that it only takes weeks to notice calmer behavior, beginning play with siblings, less repetitive motions. The "computer" that is the brain has to get its wires insulated and functioning properly before it can create memories, culture, trust, language. That's a complex task.

5. More myelin in a brain makes for faster functioning? T or F.                              Answer:  True. Hmmm. Do you want your child to have a better functioning brain. Will Prodrome Glia become brain food for all children? (Next week: Myelin and IQ)