Heal Your Wounds Double-Quick with PEMF

August 21, 2022

Heal Your Wounds Double-Quick with PEMF

Have you heard of PEMF? "Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field". The first research on it was done behind the Iron Curtain, which meant we didn't have much access to it. It is the application of low levels of electromagnetic fields to a wound, or a site of injury. The evidence for it has not been strong enough to merit FDA approval until non-union of fractures came along. When nothing else worked, PEMF finally made a measurable impact on broken bones that just wouldn't heal. That opened the door to more open thinking about it, and more research.

NASA has a PEMF device on the space station as a means of maintaining the health of astronauts in space. This raises an interesting issue. On earth, we are encased in an electromagnetic field of earth's magnetism. We don't feel it or see it. But many animals do. Migration of birds and bats is likely directed by it. That means it has been part of mammalian physiology since the very beginning. Just because our conscious brain does not sense it, doesn't mean our cells don't respond to it in some fashion or another. Deep in our genetic code is some awareness how to respond to those magnetic fields.

Well, they do.

In 2015, the FDA lowered its classification for PEMF devices from 3 to 2, making it easier for device manufacturers to advertise and sell them directly to the public. Its application does not make any harm in any circumstances, it's just the exaggeration of its effects that has the FDA worried. But there are now a whole host of "wellness" products, essentially yoga mats, with embedded PEMF coils in them that are on the market to have you lie on.

So, what about wounds? Did you know that there are some 60-80,000 amputations of limbs each year because of diabetic wounds that won't heal? The total cost for America is some $ 11 billion a year. At the personal level, folks with chronic ulcers and amputations lose mobility and independence. It is a health catastrophe in slow motion.

Guess what happens with PEMF in diabetic foot ulcers? They get better much faster. The most quoted study only lasted three weeks and studied folks given 14 treatments. In that short amount of time, patients already showed statistically valid improvements.

Now, everyone has an ache or a pain somewhere. Some arthritis, some recent surgery, some, inflammation that won't heal.......and PEMF devices are now affordable and available to the general public. Way beyond the scope of this week's newsletter, PEMF is being explored in many other venues. Just for example, follow this citation about cancer.

www.What will Work for me. I used a PEMF device that I bought for $ 450 from Micropulse when I had surgery on my heel, and the wound was being slow to close, the surgeon wanted me to consider a skin graft of some sort. I just got my Micro-Pulse and a battery recharger. I was on it 24 hours a day. The next week, the surgeon said, "Ok, it looks better this time," No graft. I was closing on my own. The two circles that make the pulsed magnetic wave can easily be wrapped in an ace wrap around any joint. 45 minutes a day is chump change. You can wear one 24/7 with no harmful side effects. My Micropulse finally wore out. I bought a new one to have on hand.

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Pop Quiz

1. What is PEMF?                                    Answer: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. The application of magnetic field to sites of injury, wounds, arthritis, chronic pain, cancer......

2.The first devices cost some $ 6500. What do they cost now?                              Answer: They are easy to manufacture so a good unit by Micropulse will run you about $ 450. There are cheaper ones now on the market but not yet proven by time.

3. We know exactly how PEMF works?                                Answer: excuse me. No. All we know is that cells respond nicely with faster growth of blood vessels and better blood flow.

4. We need to be careful about the toxicity of magnetic fields. T or F.                             Answer: We are living in magnetic fields all the time. Earth comes with one. Hard to imagine how that is harmful.

5. How do you use them? Answer: you lay the circular plastic pulse making device over your aching joint, your non-healing wound, your nonhealing fracture, your cancer......... and turn it on. You can leave it on 24-7. You can leave it on overnight. You can try 60 minutes at a time. All this is new to us. But you aren't going to be harmed by it.