Antibody Enhancement with COVID, It is Real?

October 10, 2021

Vaccine Antibody-Dependent Enhancement - Is it Real with COVID?

If you want to go down rabbit holes of science COVID-19 provides you with lots of ways of getting lost in endless circles of claims. Antibody-Dependent enhancement (ADE) appears to be one of them. You should understand the concept, and have the intellectual tools to examine them for yourself.

Start with the Nature article, if you want to read about the basic concept. You will learn that ADE has been proven to have two distinct mechanisms in viral infections: by increased antibody-mediated virus uptake into the Fc gamma receptor-expressing phagocytic cells leading to increased viral infection and replication, or by excessive antibody Fc-mediated effector functions or immune complex formation causing enhanced inflammation and immunopathology. Simplify that down to: antibodies can increase uptake of virus into cells called phagocytes that are meant to gobble up the virus, or increase the production of immune complexes that set of severe cascades of inflammation. Increased virus replication in the garbage trucks, or uncontrolled house-fire.

Those mechanisms have been proven to occur in other circumstances: dengue fever, for example. And they have led to the failure of some vaccines. "Non-neutralizing" antibodies are antibodies that attach to the virus but just aren't able to induce a potent enough immune response to kill them. That makes the antibody a co-conspirator. You get worse. Oops. COVID-19 has NOT been found to infect your macrophages (garbage trucks). And despite quite sophisticated research into the uncontrolled cascade of inflammation, COVID-19 vaccine has not been shown to make that happen either, despite the "theoretical potential".

The fact is, the science and mechanisms of ADE are there and are known to exist. They do happen in other illnesses. Wikipedia appears to shine on just this topic. But they aren't happening yet with COVID.

What the proponents of ADE appear to be suggesting is that the current vaccines are not safe and are, in fact, causing the current uptick in infections and deaths. If you observe just who those folks are, you will find such names as Robert Malone, one of the earliest developers of mRNA vaccines. And when you read the article linked above, you will notice all sorts of slanting language with pejorative phrases that push your perception to being critical and untrusting. That may be why Lifesite is banned off of YouTube for slanting "disinformation". Guess who is sponsoring Robert Malone? Steve Bannon.

www.What will Work for me. Occam's Razor may help here. You can always spiral into deeper, theoretical, frightening propositions that you can't test, and could suggest malice or danger. I prefer the simpler option that is more easily tested. More vaccine administration, less risk of hospitalization and death. We are in a "war" with this virus. Like all pandemics, urgency and mortality push the agenda faster than you have time to resolve every issue. Leaders have to change their minds and give different information upon the presentation of different facts and findings. Leave it at that. I got the shot. I'm now boosted as well. May need to be boosted again. If the best data says to do it, I will. There is no perfect vaccine. Never has been. Never will be. Giving even the tiniest dose of a dangerous virus to your immune system will sometimes make trouble. But the current vaccine doesn’t make things worse.

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Pop Quiz

1. What is Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE)? Answer: The increase in infection and spread of a viral disease caused by ineffective antibodies against that virus.

2. Could vaccination cause "ADE"? Answer: Yes, theoretically. They could. They have with other illnesses like Dengue.

3. What cells in your body get infected to make ADE happen? Answer: your macrophages or garbage trucks.

4. Does that happen with COVID? Answer. No

5. Is COVID-19 likely to turn into COVID-21, 22, 23, 24? Answer: Yes. This is a new virus that will be with us forever, just like the common cold caused by other COVID viruses.