COVID is Inhibited by Eating Natto

September 06, 2021

COVID Inhibited by Nattokinase

Someone has to explain just why the prefecture of Fukushima (north of Tokyo, and the center of Japan's natto consumption) only has 47 cases of COVID per 100,000 whereas Tokyo is over 230 per 100,000). There may be a clue in recent research done at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology on the traditional Japanese food, natto, and viruses in petri dishes. Please note that this research was in a lab petri dish, and not in humans but it might just give us a clue.

Thestudy had three parts. In the first part, the researchers took an extract of natto and applied it to the COVID-19 virus and to cow herpes virus in cell cultures. The viruses were unable to infect the cells. In the second part, they exposed the natto extract to "protease inhibitors" and that restored the infectivity of the viruses. This suggests that a type of enzyme called a protease must be involved. As a general rule, proteases digest proteins at various sites as a way of activating them or deactivating them. Finally, they heated the natto extract (which would unfold and inactivate the enzyme) and the viral infectivity returned.

When the researchers looked at the viruses after being exposed to the natto, they found the spike protein missing or severely degraded. There is something called the RBD (receptor binding domain) that is a segment of the spike protein that has the ability to hook onto your cells and then inject themselves into the cell.

This has been taken pretty seriously in Japan. Natto consumption has dramatically increased to the point of a 15% increased import of soybeans to Japan. Unfortunately, natto is a bit of an eccentric taste and not everyone really likes it. In Japan, it is typically eaten as a breakfast food. It is the highest food source of Vitamin K2, which may be why its consumption has been recently associated in a BMJ study with an overall 10% reduction in mortality. In fact, natto consumption just a few times a week has been shown to have measurable improvements in carboxylated osteocalcin (healthy bones). But the star of the show is likely nattokinase, an enzyme found in natto and known to play a beneficial role in preventing blood clots on airplane flights.

www.What will Work for me. I've been trying to get to like natto. I've made my own batches of it by purchasing natto starter off the net, and soybeans. It's not too difficult for a "home fermenter" to do. I believe the K2 is spectacularly good for me. And the nattokinase, ditto. But the taste...... I got my COVID shot to prevent COVID. Eating natto might slow it down, but is likely not sufficient for this virus. I believe the Japanese thought it was a valid tool and were caught with a low vaccination rate for which they are now paying a terrible price.

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Pop Quiz

1. What is natto?                                                                                         Answer: fermented Japanese soybean dish, unique to northern Japan around Fukushima.

2. Eating natto might lower your risk of COVID-19? T or F.                 Answer: True. Not enough to take to the bank but Fukushima prefecture has about 1/6th the infection rate of Tokyo right now.

3. Japan has paid attention to this effect of natto with what measurable result?                  Answer: 15% increased soybean imports. Pay attention to the commodity tables!

4. Did natto protect Japan from COVID?                                                Answer: Not enough to prevent the current terrible spike they are having right now, much like our current spike.

5. Could something come of this research?                                          Answer: Yes. This is how research works. You observe a biological process and then try to make a simpler method to do the same thing. Might there be a similar effect that can block that spike protein.....? Stay tuned. Get your vaccination while waiting.