Men's Sperm Count is Down 50%, Women Have Increasing Infertility

July 01, 2021

Sperm Counts are Down 50%, Women's Fertility is Plunging!

Did you know that? In the last 50 years men's sperm counts have declined 50%! One life time! Women of 25, who should be at peak fertility, are less fertile now than their grandmothers were at age 35! Schanna Swan, a environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at the Icahn School of Public Health in New York completed a study of men's and women's fertility and explained its details in her book written with Stacey Colino, Count Down. At the rate we are going, we should be extinct by 2045, if nothing changes.

Now, part of that decline in "reproduction" is intentional, with a reduction from 5.06 to 2.4 babies per mother. Half the countries in the world are below 2.1, the replacement rate needed for Zero Population Growth. Some would argue that this is just fine, as the carrying cost, or environmental burden of each human is now above what planet earth can afford. We need a lower population overall. But the other half is not intentional. Real facts! You can count the number of sperm a man makes and it's down 50% over the last 50 years. That is not sustainable as a species. I see women on a regular basis having trouble getting pregnant and asking what they can do.

The author explains that we live in a soup of environmental toxins that are "endocrine disruptors". They are "everywhere pollutants" that we knowingly or unknowingly take in every day. Each of them has a tiny impact, but cumulatively they aggregate their effect to have an increasing impact on our fertility. You can see it in the increasing incidence of genital "maldevelopment" in boys. Measuring the distance from the tip of a boy's penis, at birth, to their rectum, the ano-genital distance, there has been a steady decline in that distance. Similarly in girls, there are more "ambivalent genitalia" at birth. All this comes from tiny effects like the bisphenol in plastics, the atrazine on our corn, the phthalates,,,,the insecticides on our lawns.

With all that in mind, how do you measure all that? Well, you now can. Several reputable functional medicine labs do "environmental toxin" surveys. I did one with Great Plains Laboratories. We don't put any pesticides on our lawn. We have only glass containers for food. We don't have city water, just our own well. I use no skin creams but I do brush my teeth and use deodorant. Pretty normal, clean life, right? So why do I have 8 of 16 measured toxins above the 75th percentile? Wow! For example, living in suburban Milwaukee, I have a 75%ile MTBE, a metabolite found in gasoline additives and caused by groundwater contamination! I'm 95%ile for Perchlorate, the chemical found in rocket fuel. Also in groundwater. Rocket fuel? And six more.....

www.What will Work for me? Goodness! This is alarming. Our clean lawns and seemingly calm suburban life has a dark underside. And it's around in all of us. I am personally now embarked on a clean-up. The plumber is coming to put in the reverse osmosis system for our water. And I'm taking 600 mg NAC each day and IV glutathione each week while I ramp up my own Hubbard detox plan. If you want to be measured, you can order your own kit from Great Lakes yourself. Regular infrared saunas help you sweat toxins out. I'm doing IV glutathione too in addition to my NAC. I plan to do this for 6 months and retest, seeing if my detox works.

References: Count Down By Stacey Colino,

Pop Quiz

1. What are endocrine disruptors?                Answer: Compounds in our environment that have unintended endocrine effects.

2. If a baby boy, in utero, has too much exposure through his mother to these "xeno-estrogens", what might he have a higher incidence of?                    Answer: Ambivalent genitalia or shortened anogenital distance.

3. If you live within a half a mile of an old gas station, what might be found in your well water? Answer: MTBE

4. What is the most potent supplement you can take to boost your natural detox system?      Answer: NAC or N-acetyl cysteine, 600 mg. It is the rate-limiting step in your body to make your own natural glutathione. You virtually cannot die from overdosing on Tylenol if you get NAC soon enough.

5. What's another way of detoxing?                         Answer: Infrared saunas help too. Twice a week.