Plasmalogens and Cancer

May 03, 2021

Fight Bowel Cancers and Inflammatory Bowel Disease with mRNA-148 and Curcumin

Ok, the title is a mouthful. But the story is amazing. If you understand this, you may conclude that we are at the threshold of detecting bowel cancers much much sooner, and more importantly preventing/treating it more effectively. So this is big. Having had several family members diet of colorectal cancer, I've got skin in this game. (And very likely, ALL cancers.....)

The first concept to understand is that your gut makes very, very-long-chain fatty acids (GTAs-gastrointestinal tract acids). Not the run of the mill 18 carbon-long fatty acids stored in your fat cell, I'm talking 28-36 carbons long. Super long. And they are strongly anti-inflammatory and very cancer-protective. If you have tons of them, you are a lucky devil. Your risk of GI cancers is very low. And they are low years before colon cancer develops. That makes them very effective screening tools. If you are low, you are at a much higher risk of getting colon cancer. Curiously, carving out the cancer with surgery doesn't lower their level. Their low level PRECEDEs the cancer. You want a higher level, or else a second cancer has fertile soil to grow in.

What are these GTA's doing? Well, for one, they are incredibly potent anti-inflammatory compounds. If you look at the activity of folks without GTAs in their blood, their NFkappaB is much higher. There are about a dozen markers of inflammation that are downregulated. You may have heard about LPS caused inflammation? Yes? LPs are the lipopolysaccharides off the walls of bacteria that get into your blood and set off inflammation. Guess what GTAs do? Yup - cut them off completely. Cool, huh!

Want to get better? You've heard about how curcumin cuts off LPs inflammation? (Say yes and pretend you have.). Well, it does. Particularly in the brain. We have known that South Asians who eat curcumin breakfast, lunch, and dinner have much less Alzheimer's and many fewer cancers than Americans until they leave South Asia and adopt diets without the curcumin. Now, not all curcuminoids are equal. Of the three known curcuminoids, I and II have very little effect but III, which has two "methoxy" groups carved off is the real deal. It turns on miRNA148 like crazy. And that's the secret sauce that fights cancer, inflammation, and inflammatory bowel disease. The problem is is that it is only 1-1.5% of curcumin. You want MORE. Micro RNAs are short messenger RNA that are only some 22 bases long. They act like genetic switches turning on and off different genes. Learning how to manipulate them is the next huge frontier ahead of us in medicine. And miR-148a appears to be a champion cancer killer. You want it on your side with colon cancer, pancreatic cancer. Like the GTAs, miRNA-148 is low as an inherent part of the cancer. It's like the cancer can't behave like a cancer without first suppressing mi-RNA-148. Then, when it's suppressed it can migrate and spread and be wicked.

Now, let's talk colitis and inflammatory bowel disease. The inevitable and dreaded consequence of that is colon cancer. Guess what happens to mice with the lab model of colitis who get their miRNA-148a stimulated? You got it. Cancer is stopped almost completely back to normal healthy mice. Read that again! Click the link. Guess what stimulates miRNA-148a? Turmeric, particularly the type III (the 1% stuff.)

Now, round out the portfolio of risks for colon and pancreatic cancer and Goodenowe has found the inevitable. Lower production of healthy plasmalogens by choline-deficient diets with more inflammatory arachidonic acid instead of DHA caused by too much omega 6 fatty dietary fats (fried food with vegetable oils), and you shift the whole membrane biology towards more cancer. You can reverse that too by making sure you have sufficient choline in your diet and less O-6 fats.

www.What will Work for me. Put this all together and we are talking a strategy that will reduce your risk of cancer may be on the order of 10 fold total. No kidding. I have low GTAs in my blood. That means I am at higher risk for colon cancer. I will be taking that turmeric-3 product for the rest of my life. Goodenowe has gone on to manufacture the Type III Tumeric molecule under the name Prodrome GTA. You can't buy it directly but if you are an active client, just use my name and we will back you up when they call. You will get a discount. When I go over the results of Goodenowe's metabolic scan of various clients, he has repeatedly pointed out various profiles that are at high risk of ovarian, colon, pancreatic cancer. Doesn't mean those folks have it, but it is something that can be reversed, and dramatically proven by the published science. This will be the future of cancer prevention: detect the biochemical phenotype earlier in life and in those with abnormal findings, much more frequent screening tests, or better yet, more aggressive supplementation with neutralizing dietary compounds.

Summary of better diet: turmeric as often as you can eat it. Less vegetable oil and more fish oil. More choline. (Eggs, chickpeas...)

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Pop Quiz

1. Just what are GTAs? Answer: Super long-chain fatty acids made in your gut. They are anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer compounds.

2. What can you do to make more of them? Answer: We don't know right now.

3. What can reverse their absence? Answer: Turmeric, specifically Type-3 with the two methoxy groups off it.

4. Can I alter my profile? Answer: Yes. Eat like a South Asian. Lots of curry, every chance your get. If you want to push the envelope, buy Prodrome GTA which is 50% bisdemethoxycurcumin)from the Prodrome company. Cut down your fried food. Eat more fish and chickpeas and eggs. (Or take alpha-GPC)

5. If I have a cancer, can I suppress it with turmeric? Answer. Yes, 1% with the normal stuff. I would personally be all over the Prodrome GTA and Prodrome Neuro supplements. They are precision food for naturally fighting cancer.