Hydrogen Water: Miracle Stuff!!!

March 28, 2021

Hydrogen Water: Molecular Miracle Worker  

Give me a break! Hydrogen water! Does that sound gimmicky or what! But yes, hydrogen water. Dissolve hydrogen in a glass of water and it acts as a chemical agent inside your body. Now, you have to drink the stuff right after making it as the gas pretty quickly dissipates. There is now a burgeoning field of research on the topic and a cursory look at PUBMED shows that articles on the topic have exploded in the last few years.

The race really started in Japan with animal models of stroke in 2007. Since then hydrogen water has been documented in 63 different diseases, mostly in lab rats. The first study was giving lab rats a middle cerebral artery stroke (usually a catastrophic event), and then placing them in 2% hydrogen. The benefit was thought to be a dramatic reduction in the circulation of the OH hydroxyl molecule and the peroxynitrite (ONOO-) molecule, two compounds that exacerbate the runaway inflammation after a stroke that magnifies the damage. It reduced the damage dramatically.

But hold on! The Japanese have really had a field day with hydrogen water and adult-onset diabetes too. Their research has really blossomed around that topic too. In a Randomized Controlled trial, 30 folks with borderline or frank adult-onset diabetes were given either plain water or hydrogen water (32 oz a day) and after 6 weeks and quite a dramatic improvement in their metabolic syndrome markers. Markers of oxidative stress like urinary 8-isoprostanes dropped 15.5% with a p < 0.01.

You can add mitochondrial diseases to the list of human benefited diseases.  The list appears to keep getting longer.

I came across hydrogen water in reviewing IntellxxDNA recommendations for those with SNPs around the inflammatory pathway with risk for Alzheimer's. It is active in softening the damage of IL6 and TNF SNPs that exacerbate inflammation. (the SNPs names are rs361525, rs1800629, rs1799724 if you want to talk genetics). But there are even more articles and research on inflammatory markers in rat models of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. The in the experimental MPTP model of Parkinson's, hydrogen water dramatically softens the damage of the MPTP.

Rather than lose you in the arcane details of bench research, let me provide my understanding of what's happening. One could argue that the foundation of all aging, and illness, starts with a redox imbalance in your mitochondria. For whatever reason, your mitochondria get behind and can't keep up with the amount of "oxidants" that pour out of them. Your natural antioxidant systems get overwhelmed. The "oxidants" spread. That's how plasmalogens get soaked up. You can only destroy and rob plasmalogens for so long before your brain suffers and you come. up with ALS, or Parkinson's, or Alzheimer's. Hydrogen water comes in right at that point. When you have an OH- floating around, what better way to neutralize it than with an H+. You are left with water. Neutral, clean, water.

No toxicity. No harm. Now there is quite a rage going on with sports injuries and athletic performance and hydrogen water. Same issue, same core problem. Athletes push their bodies to the point of failure, just like a disease. Guess what happens when they take hydrogen water in a RCT trial. Yup, yup, yup. They recover faster. Cool, huh!

www.What will Work for me. I was startled by the Intellxx recommendation of Hydrogen Water for inflammation. I had one of the SNPs out of four, so I took notes and decided to read about it. It's clearly an idea that has legs. The Japanese appear to be the leaders in developing the idea and fleshing it out. But for something with no toxicity, and applicable to diabetes (which 60% of us have a risk for), and Alzheimer's (50% of us at risk for) and, and, and......why don't we all have Hydrogen Water machines in our kitchens? Well, you can get one. I did. Tastes like water. Takes 3 minutes to perk. I'm now using if for all my water needs. Just remember, you have to drink it within a couple of minutes to get the best effect. I give my machine a double push and brew twice. I watch the teeny little bubbles floating up for two minutes and voila, a glass of good stuff.

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Pop Quiz

1. What is hydrogen water?                           Answer: Plain old water with hydrogen gas bubbled through it.

2. And just what does it do for me?                        Answer: Ah! Calms down the most basic of free radicals, right down in the mitochondria.

3. Can you measure the effect?                           Answer: Yes. Amazingly enough, you can, now that we can measure such delicate and short-lived little devils like TNF-alpha.

4. So, whom might it help?                          Answer: High-end athletes heal faster. Stroke patients recover faster. Muscle disease folks appear to do better.....it's in the pathway for anyone with cognitive decline from inflammation as an effective modality.

5. So what you are saying is, we all should be doing hydrogen water?                           Answer: Yup. It's cheap. Search the web for hydrogen water generators. There are dozens on the marker. It's like, where have we been that we haven't paid attention and noticed this?