Extra Olive Oil Helps Women with Breast Cancer Lose Weight

February 14, 2021

Extra Olive Oil Helps Women with Breast Cancer Lose Weight

Breast cancer is the number one cancer in women in America. In other cultures, diets based on olive oil and more plants (Mediterranean Diet) have lower rates of breast cancer. With that in mind, a randomized, controlled diet trial was instigated offering the traditional National Cancer Institute Diet versus a plant-based diet with extra EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)(3 Tablespoons a day). It was small, yes, but it's still useful.  The author's labeled it a "pilot" study. 

Being overweight is also a risk for breast cancer, so weight loss is part of the program to lower overall risk. The goal was to lose 5% of body weight. Forty-four women were enrolled in the program that alternated the NCI lower-fat diet (between 15-30% fat) and the olive oil-enriched diet. Randomized to the diets for eight weeks, the completing women were then offered either for the remaining 6 months of the program. Of the 22 that completed the first segment of the trial, 19 chose the extra EVOO plan. Twelve of the fifteen (80%) women assigned to the olive oil arm lost their 5% body weight goal target versus four of thirteen (31%) (p<0.01) in the NCI diet.

This should be understood widely and followed more carefully. What it is telling is brazenly clear.  Just because it was small doesn't mean it's not true.  The "P value" of 0.01 means less than 1% chance this was from statistical fluke.  We need healthy fats that don't turn on insulin. Insulin is not your blood sugar hormone, it is your storage hormone, designed to be used only in the short period of the year when carbohydrates are in abundance (autumn - harvest). And worse, for cancer, insulin is a potent growth hormone that stimulates cancer growth. Its reduction is a high priority. Weight loss will do that. Yes, weight loss is an important goal for women with breast cancer. It's just the method.

What implications does this have for all of us? Pretty big. You might consider having a nice vial of lemon-flavored olive oil sitting in your pantry to take a snack treat on a daily basis. Can you do that?

You are expertly managing your physiology when you do that. Other ways of getting that olive oil dose: can you buy some tasty olive and just have a daily dose of olives? You are turning off insulin by providing a food that doesn't touch insulin. The second you secrete insulin, your fat cells go into storage mode for 8-16 hours. Animal protein will also stimulate insulin. Saturated animal fat is not a healthy food.

Other healthy fats include sesame oil, macadamia, or avocado but not corn, soy, peanut, or canola. Don't even buy any of the mainstream oils. Just don't.

Now, if you think this study is interesting, and every person who wants to lose weight will, wait till next week and learn out 1 L of olive oil a week that knocks it out of the park. (Little teaser here)

www.What will Work for me. Well, I just but some very tasty olive oil. Fresh, glass container, small bottle so I use it up quickly and burns my throat when I have a spoonful. One big T a day of EVOO as a snack. Sometime during the day.

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Pop Quiz

1. Ok, so just a brief synopsis. How much EVOO do I need to take a day to successfully lose weight?        Answer: 3 Tablespoons, along with a plant-based diet.

2. What is the amount of weight I have an 80% chance of losing if I do that?               Answer: 5% of my current weight over 8 weeks.

3. Why do I lose weight when I eat healthy oils?                                 Answer: Your body gets calories it can use without turning on insulin, which locks up your fat cells and turns them into storage mode. Without being in storage mode, your fat cells share calories. That's called losing weight.

4. How can I prove I'm losing weight?                                         Answer: Easy. Buy a ketone meter that measures your blood ketones. Ketones are present ONLY when your fat cells open up due to lack of insulin, and share calories. That's called weight loss.

5. Is there a nuance about what plants I can eat to lose weight?                                     Answer: YES, you can't eat insulin inducing plants and lose weight: potatoes, rice, grains, beans, peas. What works are green leaves, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels,....