The Ketone Strategy for COVID - Better than you Imagined

November 22, 2020

Ketone Strategy for COVID

Weren't we proud of ourselves when we learned what mitochondria were! They are the little, tiny powerplants inside each cell that take fat and carbohydrate and churn out the energy molecule called ATP. We have some 200 in every muscle cell but our organs have a couple thousand, and our heart and brain have 5000 each. Mitochondria aren't just the powerhouses of your cell. They are the deciding nexus of when your cell dies. We are so dependent on them that their welfare is key to our survival. They aren't just the nexus of cells living and dying, but also the key to responding to infections and viruses. This ends up being the link between how to extend lifespan.

Fasting, for example, switches your metabolism from running on glucose to running on ketones. And when you do that with monkeys, you can prove they will live 40% longer. What happens when you give the ketone bodies without the calorie restriction? Hmm...same effect. Isn't that nifty? You could posit that the natural, original state of the human cell was running on ketones, not carbs. And indeed, if you look at the healthy metabolism of the great apes, they derive the majority of their calories from a short fatty acid called beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). BHB is made by the bacteria in your colon digesting the cell walls of green plants. Prior to humans learning agriculture, the majority of our calories came from uncooked plants or animal. Prior to animal, it was just plants. BHB.

So far so good? The balance of your metabolism is all based on four ratios of energy production: ADP/ATP, NAD+/NADH, NADP+/NADPH, and acetyl-CoA/CoA. This is all about your "redox ratio". When you have a healthy ratio in all four, your cells are responsive, alive, and "quiescent" - ready to go if needed. It is those ratios declining that define "senescence", cells that are not making energy properly, and thereby spewing our oxidizing "reactive oxygen species". We try so hard to take antioxidants to neutralize those little devils. It helps a teeny, tiny, but. But not enough. Declining ratios define aging, and ultimately death.

The essence of COVID's damage is to attack those ratios and hijack the cell's metabolism by injecting new DNA that makes "metabolic detours". COVID is the most aggressive virus know by way of percent of cellular DNA that is hijacked. It's no "simple flu". The PDC complex is the key crossroads of your mitochondria. PDC, pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, is the first step into sending energy into the enzymes that make energy. If you block that complex, you block making energy. The infected person feels awful with extreme fatigue. That's the block COVID makes. The virus is diverting the fuel molecule into a building block to make lipid coat for new virus particles. It's also hiding from immune cells by changing the alarm system: melatonin. The cell starves to death and ruptures, spewing out trillions of spanking new baby viruses. And that's precisely where a ketone ester jumps in and puts the fuel-making system back in process.

The alveolar type-2 cells in your lungs are meant to make protective proteins and the surface liquid that protects the lungs. If they don't have energy, they can't protect your lungs. COVID invades those cells. They are the ones you need to protect. You want them getting back to making ketones themselves, and producing their own melatonin so that the virus can't hide from the immune system. (Yes, you got that: melatonin isn't just your sleep hormone, it's made in every cell as part of an immune response - which you don't make as you age.)

That's enough basic science. Take a deep dive into the references here. But more importantly, learn from the experience of ketone-administering doctors. There are a bunch of us probing the limits of a possibly whole new field of medicine: Ketone Sciences. If I told you there are credible physicians who have virtually neutralized their Parkinson's with ketone esters, infertile women who have become pregnant, COPDer's who have breathed again....and COVID wheezers who have had lung function return in 15 minutes....would you listen? And will the House of Medicine explore how to use food to heal ourselves?

Ketone esters are simple BHB molecules with an ester group attached that makes them ultra-absorbable. They get into you very quickly. Designed for athletes running marathons, they are on the market, over the counter. In marathons, they work better than candy bars. In COVID, they might save your life: keeping your lung cells alive long enough for the frantic race between the virus and your immune system for your immune system to win. Once it's ramped up, you win.

Hence the promise of the vaccine. Getting a vaccine gives your immune system the vital edge. It will already know the "shape" of the enemy - a 5-day head start. That's enough.

www.What will Work for me. I have now seen multiple examples of folks feeling better with ketone esters. You can buy them off Amazon: KE4 is the label you type in. If it costs $ 99 for three little bottles, that's it. Each bottle is two days worth supple so a 3 pack gets you through a week. Or a marathon. I have a couple of packs. I have tested myself with them. Drinking one-third of a bottle raised my ketones by about 1 mmole. If you get COVID, start taking it three times a day: 1/6 of the bottle.  See if you don't feel better.  If you have Parkinson's, MS....etc etc, try it.  See if you feel better.  It's just a pure form of food.  You do the same thing eating pure spinach - just slower and less dramatically.  Repeat.   It's not a drug - it's food.   Curiously, the right stuff. 

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Pop Quiz

1. What are mitochondria?                 Answer: Your cellular powerplants that make the energy the cell uses.

2. What does COVID do to those mitochondria?                          Answer: Hijacks them, changing the production of energy into lipid production and hiding from your immune system.

3. What are ketones?                            Answer: The name we give to short-chain fatty-acids that our cells are used to running on when carbs aren't around. In modern civilization, we have sugar and carbs so widely and abundantly available, we don't switch over to ketone metabolism very often.

4. What do ketones do, given to COVID folks?                             Answer: rescue their dying cells in the nick of time. You will hear some folks say they feel better and can breathe better within 10 minutes.

5. Do I have to get permission from my doctor to take them?                            Answer: Do you ask your doctor if it's safe to eat spinach?