Corona Virus CURE might be in the Offing: Peptide Therapies Mature

August 09, 2020

If you heard a story of a physician contacting COVID, his oxygen saturation plunging into the 80 within hours, and then his recovery in 3-4 hours, you might be skeptical.  That would be prudent.  And then you might explore.

Ok, here it is.

First point.  Viruses are invading pathogens that have to take over the cellular factory to make copies of themselves.  All they want is more of their own DNA/RNA, and coating proteins so that they can make their own packages.  The factory they take over is the mitochondria.  Your mitochondria are your energy factories, making up 10% of you.  Muscle cells have several hundred mitochondria, but your heart has 5,000 as does your brain.  That is as much as 30% of the weight of your heart is mitochondria.  COVID-19 is particularly good at that hijacking.  When you hijack your mitochondria, you feel extreme fatigue.  Of course  you do, your energy is turned off.

Now, your defenses against COVID require you to activate your Sirtuin Proteins, the family of proteins that nurture, groom, and defend your DNA.  The virus wants in, to take over your cellular command, and you want to hold it off.  The Sirtuin family does that.  Sirt-1 is the champion protector.  It's ONLY food is NAD+.  You turn on protection by having NAD+ around.  The problem with aging is that we don't make it anymore.  That makes an avenue by which you can fight back. You can take NAD+ as a supplement.  Easy, peasy.  You just need to hold the virus at bay long enough for your immune system to kick in and do it on your own.  The problem is that the virus is voracious. There is a frantic rush to who gets there first.  Does the virus invade and replicate faster than your immune system can ramp up? That's the key nexus.  Can you accelerate the ramping up and holding off?

This is where the race is decided.  Can you give your cells a lifeline of energy so that they can survive long enough for your own immune system to ramp up?   If we give you antibodies from folks who had the COVID-19 virus, we slow it down.  So, convalescent serum helps.  If we give heparin, we slow down the spiral of lethal clotting that gets activated in some folks, long enough for your immune system to balance things back again.  Ok, but that's pretty dramatic and is treatment after the cow is out of the barn.  How about just feeding your cells that have been attacked so they can hang in long enough to keep themselves together and not just explode with a shower of new viruses?  That's the thread to follow.

What do mitochondria use to make energy?  Two choices.  Carbs (glucose) or fat.  That's it.  Just two choices.  What happens with carbs?  Well, that's what the COVID-19 hijacks.  They take over the mitochondria and the whole mechanism of glucose production to divert making ATP and instead make fat to make viral membranes.  Can COVID-19 use fat?  NO!   And if they can't use it, well, you can.  What happens with adult-onset diabetics?  They are addicted to running on glucose and have a high baseline of insulin.  They are insulin resistant.  And any trace of insulin makes ketones (little tiny fat pieces) disappear.   Most COVID injured folks have insulin resistance or hypertension, both of which have key defects in the mitochondria.  

Read that three times and you will understand the key strategy here.  Ketones are present only, only, only when there is no insulin around.  Any intensivist in a hospital will tell you that they can cure diabetic ketoacidosis with 2 U of insulin infused per hour.  But in adult onset diabetes, it isn't the lack of insulin that's the problem, it's insulin resistance with super high, insulin levels.  That means there is high glucose circulating.  COVID-19 loves that.  They take over the mitochondria and they make lots and lots of fat molecules to make coating proteins.  So folks with diabetes are very vulnerable to COVID.  

We can make you ketogenic if you burn off the glucose stores in your body, including in your liver.  It takes 2-3 days to get there.  Or, we can get you ketogenic by giving you ketones.  Just cheat a little.  Buy ketones.  What we call "ketones" are actually a very simple molecule called beta-hydroxybutyrate.  It's a 4 carbon piece of fat that your chop off a longer fat molecule as you digest it.  You can buy them.  

And when you take ketones, your mitochondria love it. They can lap them up and the COVID-19 can't.  You bypass the roadblock the virus lays down and give a lifeline of energy to your cell. " Just give me a day or two of energy until my own immune system can mount an effective response".  That's all your cells are asking for.

Do you see the strategy that's emerging?   You want to be ready for COVID? Get yourself on the real ketogenic diet based on vegetables and fat and cut the carbs. Get rid of bread, rice, potatoes and any form of free carbohydrates.

And if you get COVID-19?  Ramp up your immune system with Thymosin-A1 and take Ketone-Esters.  Ketone Esters are the fastest way to get ketones into you.  They give your cells the vital energy you need and that your mitochondria can convert into ATP that the COVID-19 doesn't have access to.  

And that's it.  There is a buzz going around in the Functional Medicine world of giving COVID-19 patients in the ICU ketone esters orally.  And then ramping up their immune response with Thymosin A-1.  And folks with COVID are up and walking around in a day or two.  

WWW.What will work for me?  If I were to get ill with COVID, I would take Thymosin A-1 three times a day and Ketone Esters 4 times a day.  It's my plan.  I have a steroid inhaler to use to keep the virus tamped down on my lung receptors.  I have Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide to turn off the cytokine storm.  I'm taking NAD+,  and selenium, zinc, and Vitamin D every day.  And Melatonin every night.  I think we have a strategy to keep this virus at bay until we get a vaccine.  But start by ordering yourself some Ketone-esters.  Yes, they cost a little.  You are worth it.  We can order each of these for you is you want to get yourself prepared.  Better yet, wear a mask and wash your hands and get the vaccine.  But just in case.......

Pop Quiz

1.  The COVID-19 virus appropriates what process in your cell that saps your energy?     Answer: The glucose metabolism pathway.  It turns it around to make viral membrane fats.

2.  Anything else?   Answer: Well yes, if you said NAD+ you would have been right too.  It robs your NAD+, stealing your ability to nourish your Sirtuin proteins that protect your DNA

3.  What do you feel when that happens?   Answer:  Extreme fatigue

4.  What nutrient supplement can you take to bypass that and feed your starving cells?    Answer:  Ketone esters, called beta-hydroxybutyrate.  The virus can't use that so you trick it

5.  And just what does Thymosin A do?   Answer: It is the peptide you make to turn on your virus response in your white cells.  You have lots of it as a child but stopped making it a couple of decades ago.  Sorry, true.  It's been proven by good research to help you cure chronic hepatitis B, and now being extended to COVID-19.

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