Peptide Primer PT-141 and Sexual Function in Men and Women

June 17, 2019

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For 5,000 years humans have been touting various aphrodisiacs, to various effect. Most of them don't work. Rhino horn and tiger's penis don't do much for the client, and just kill off precious rhinos. PT-141 works. Really. Read more.... 

Your hypothalamus/pituitary system make most of their hormones from one precursor protein called pro-opiomelanocortin. There are 11 peptide hormones made off POMC, depending on how you slice and dice it. The melanocortin part of that peptide ends up coding for something called melanotan. That's what was being researched when they noticed that rats and monkeys that got melanotan all appeared to exhibit more "Sexual behavior". We can go down the rabbit hole of melanotan another day, but for now, let's just leave at that being the peptide being studied that started folks researching how they could alter it to increase potency. Melanotan II was meant to be developed for helping folks tan, and thereby reduce skin cancer from too much sun. Nice try. Some folks have been so enthusiastic about a possible tanning agent, that they have used more and more of it, making for too much tanning. Google "too much melanotan" and appreciate the pictures of people who get too tan. And they got turned on. PT-141 is a very simple 7 amino acid chain fragment off melanotan that was made into a circle. That alteration makes it have very high affinity for one of your brain receptors that set off sexual desire. There you have it. 

Where does PT-141 fit today? It's actually been pursued as a drug to give women a boost in their libido. The simplest conclusion would be to say that it doubles the likelihood of women having a "satisfying" occasion. Initial research using it as a nasal spray worked but caused blood pressure to pop up, leading to the FDA putting the kabash on it. In its injectable form, however, we haven't seen near as much of that blood pressure elevation, and a lot more of the simple arousal effect in men and women. Instead of working on blood flow, it appears to have most of its effect in the brain. 

No kidding, it works. Better than Viagra. Better, than Cialis. Better than Tri-Mix. Better than Tiger Penis or Rhino Horn (which have no effect). It works. It can take up to 6 hours before you feel much effect but then may last up to 72 hours. Some folks feel the effect in 15 minutes but not everyone and not reliably. Some folks feel a little hot or flushed, maybe a trace of nausea for the first half hour. The only bad part is that it's a peptide and gets digested in your stomach. The only really effective way to take it is by injection with an insulin syringe. How much? Probably 1 mg is a pretty good starting dose. Some places say try 1 mg, wait 30 minutes and try a second milligram. I've had one report back of 1 mg making one unhappy male unable to sleep on his stomach for a whole night. Had to lay on his back. Too bad, huh!

WWW.What will work for me. I've tried every peptide I write about on myself. But here is where I invoke TMI. Boundaries, boundaries. But so far I have over a dozen folks try it and every report back so far has been a "thumbs up", if I may use a gentle analogy. Better than Viagra, Better than Cialis and "it worked on both of us" to paraphrase one happy client. My conclusion? Someone, please tell the Chinese about this amazing peptide quick while there are still a few tigers. Once you use this, you won't ever go back. Save a rhino.

Pop Quiz

  1. PT-141 does what to women? Answer: Doubles the likelihood of women having a "satisfying sexual encounter". One of the only effective drugs for women.
  2. What is it? Answer: It is a 7 amino acid circle peptide that is a fragment of a natural human hormone. It's not quite natural.
  3. It works where? Answer: In receptors in your brain, not on blood flow in your tender parts.
  4. How long does it last. Answer: Some 72 hours.
  5. Does it have side effects? Answer: A bit of flushing and nausea. The high blood pressure associated with a nasal spray has not been as reliably seen in injections. I could find no reports of having to make an ER visit for too long an effect.