Peptide Primer: AOD-9064. Blasting Off with With Weight Loss

June 10, 2019

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Want to know the most effective peptide for weight loss? Sure. Don't we all! AOD-9064 (AOD: Advanced Obesity Drug) is the last 15 amino acids of growth hormone chopped off with a single amino acid added for stability. That's it. It's not a natural peptide in and of itself but it is derived from growth hormone. Growth hormone is 191 amino acids long and much more complicated to make. (It also is therefore technically not a "peptide" as the definition of a peptide is under 50 amino acids long.) Growth hormone does have some weight loss effects on its own, along with many other effects. The weight loss component appears to be that tail end.

What are the beneficial effects of AOD-9064? First of all, it has no growth hormone effect, and no effect on blood sugar. That part is good. Fat cells need to be "instructed" to become more responsive to energy demands and give up their fat. Nudging them to do that requires a whole host of activities. You want blood vessels to grow into the fat. You want the fat cell to turn into brown fat that actually get more mitochondria and generate heat. (Babies are born with 50% brown fat to help protect them in those first few hours when their tiny bodies are adjusting to a cold outside world.) But mostly you want tired old cells to start telling their mitochondria to wake and multiply. That's not an easy task as many older cells are easily nudged into senescence and spiral on down to cell death. For a mitochondria to multiply, it has to get half of its genes from the cell nucleus, but also half from its own DNA. It does that best when there is some "demand" or "stress" put on it. Just like with exercise, you have "no gain without pain". In exercise, you push your muscles to the point of failure. That last curl, pushup, step is the most important one as at the point of failure is where you gain strength. It's at that point of failure that the cell internally flips on the switches for mitochondria to wake up and send off their signals to the nucleus and turn on growth. They get the idea that there is no sugar around, so let's look around for ketones which come from fat. And that turns on getting fat out of your fat cell. That whole symphony kicks off together in one smooth transition.

How can you enhance all that? Actually this is where your "symphony" kicks in. Fasting with fast mimicking diet preps you magnificently. The fasting part is stressing your mitochondria to wake up. Your stem cells multiply, as do your mitochondria. What else rings that wake up alarm? Exercise! And you can do it in 4 minutes with high intensity exercise, or just plain 40 minutes of walking will do it too. Hormone replacement! If you are over 50, men and women need hormones. Just do it, balanced, with human hormones. 
Then, start with a GHRP peptide and layer in AOD-9064. 250 mcg twice a day and watch the weight peel off. You don't feel hungry. Your fat cells open up. And you convert that mushy, lazy white fat to brown fat that burns energy around the clock.

Any one of those by themselves will help lose a little, but so slowly you get discouraged. To succeed, you want to get the whole engine that is your body working at its optimal stage. And then your brain works better too. And that's the real bonus.

WWW: What will work for me. I'm new at this but the professors I've listened to and watched are pretty enthusiastic about AOD-9064. I have one alpha adaptor who has gotten the AOD-9064 but hasn't reported back yet. I want to understand the key ideas of the physiology first. I'm trying the GHRP right now on myself. I'm doing the Fast Mimicking and pretty close to the exercise target. The 4 minute workout looks pretty awful but I want to give it a whirl. See if I can do that.

Pop Quiz

  1. AOD-9064 is a natural peptide? T or F. Answer: Some nuance here. It is naturally a piece off the end of growth hormone but is not naturally in the human body by itself. It's easier to manufacture when it only has to be 15 peptides long.
  2. To lose weight, you have to do what? Answer: Far more complex that just eat less and exercise more. We now know that we have to understand the pathways of fat burning and how they get turned on and stay on. As we age, we have to turn on the systems that stopped working years ago. Peptides help do that.
  3. You can buy AOD-9064 off the internet? Answer: True. However, you get what you pay for. One report from Switzerland (where the Olympic folks want to study and know just what athletes are up to when they push boundaries of legal drugs.) showed that about 80% of internet peptides were below sensible thresholds of purity, or even close to advertised content.
  4. How do you take it? Answer: Problem here. You have to take it by an insulin needle type shot. Twice a day. Peptides get digested pretty easily in the stomach.
  5. What is the good source for peptides? Answer: There are compounding pharmacies that will make 99% pure FDA threshold drugs. And it is legal to get them. All that costs more. The AOD-9064 on the market actually exists also. It takes a shot and costs $ 1000 a month.