Whole Coffee Fruit Extract, Memory and BDNF

May 23, 2016

Whole Coffee Extract and Brain Growth

Reference:  British Journal of NutritionFuturceuticals Study,

Ever heard of BDNF? Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor. BDNF. It's the Holy Grail of brain health. It's the hormone that makes brain cells grow. You want BDNF. Folks with Alzheimer's don't have any. It plays a role in helping memory get cemented down. Making memory requires brain cells growing and connecting. Most of our brain cells live just about our entire lives, but memory requires new growth. Exercise boosts it. Niacin helps a bit. But increasing it is the goal of just about every who wants to prevent Alzheimer's.

It's known that caffeine increases BDNF too. That's what led to this study being conducted. The researchers took 25 healthy human subjects and gave them oral doses of whole coffee fruit extract, green coffee caffeine powder, grape seed extract powder and green coffee bean extract powder to get sources of caffeine as well as polyphenols to see which worked best. A single 100 mg dose was given and then blood drawn every 30 minutes for two hours. Interestingly enough, the whole coffee fruit extract was the home run hitter with a 143% increase in BDNF increase, compared to only 31% increase for the green coffee caffeine powder and the grape seed extract.

The results suggests that the stimulatory effect of whole coffee fruit on the BDNF blood level is not from the amount of polyphenols or caffeine per dose. Instead, the effect may be better explained by either the amount of procyanidins or to the unique coffee polyphenol profile of the whole coffee fruit material. That makes coffee fruit a rather unique product. Not the green coffee bean. Not the coffee per say, but the whole fruit. This is interesting. 

www. What Will Work for me. I heard that Dr Bredesen from UCLA is intensely interested in it. If he is, I am too. I've Googled Whole Coffee Fruit Extract and have not found how to purchase it. I bet it show up pretty soon. This is something we need to follow!

Pop Quiz

1. BDNF is a protein hormone design to make brain cells grow, T or F                      Answer.     In a nutshell, true.

2. The best way to stimulate BNDF is with sleep. T or F                             Answer:  False. Exercise is the best. Sleep isn't so bad, but exercise is it

3. This study shows that WHOLE coffee fruit extract is now the supplement that increases BDNF the most. T or F                           Answer:  Yes! Coffee helps a little, but 143% for the Whole Coffee Fruit is amazing

4. To cement memory down, you have to grow new brain connections and cells, particularly in the hippocampus part of your brain. T or F                        Answer:  That's the Cliff Notes version.

5. I need a prescription to get BDNF. T or F.                     Answer:    False. You just need to walk around the block and find the Whole Coffee Fruit Extract, which is not widely available, yet!