The Trouble with Root Canals

March 16, 2015

The Trouble with Root Canals 

 Reference: Root Canal Coverup, Meinig 

 Ever had a toothache and ended up with a root canal?   Did it come back? Were you cured? Do you have a chronic, unexplained condition from which you can’t recover? An autoimmune disease? Are you losing weight, and don’t know why? 

 Westin Price was just fascinated with this problem. He was a dentist back in the 1920-30s in Cleveland who should be rated as one of America’s genius scientists.   Aside from that interest, he also traveled all over the world, taking pictures of peoples’ teeth and studying their diets, and concluding many of the findings of modern-day nutrition 70 years before the rest of us caught up (He discovered Vitamin K2 15 years before the Nobel Prize folks gave it to someone else.). 

But he also did a huge body of research connecting inflamed, infected teeth with other medical conditions. Many of his experiments involved removing infected teeth from folks with chronic medical conditions, and then observing their chronic medical condition improve dramatically. He then implanted those teeth into healthy rabbits and observed them to become ill also, with the equivalent illness the human had. And not just once or twice, but several thousand times. He produced a huge body of research that has laid undiscovered for some 50 years and is only now being studied and found by credible dentists (Meinig was the president of the American Endodontal Association – and made his living for years doing root canals.) 

 Here are a few of the pertinent facts he worked with or “proved” that you should know.   Your teeth are not solid. Even the hard dentin is filled with miles of tiny channels that bacteria can hide in. When you have a root canal and have the tooth put back in, it’s still infected. You can’t fix it with antibiotics, as the antibiotics just don’t penetrate into the tooth. You may not be sick, after a root canal, but years later when you have extra stress in your life, like a car accident, a divorce, a death in the family, you are more likely to come down with a chronic disease.

 Modern dentists will tell you that the tooth is safe, and nothing can get out. It may be that the bacteria can’t get out, but Westin Price did elegant experiments that showed that the toxins get out.   Those toxins play havoc with your immune system, triggering exaggerated responses and thereby starting many other illnesses. He also had pictures of bacteria in the dentin tubules of infected teeth in his textbook.   Price would take inflamed teeth out of folks, then cut open the dentin, culture the bacteria he found inside, filter the bacteria out but just leave the toxins in the fluid, and inject that fluid into rabbits. He did it over 1,600 times and always found the same results. The rabbits got sick and died, or developed the same or equivalent illnesses the humans had. 

 One of the unique findings that I find fascinating is what sugar does to the flow of fluid in dentin. Usually, the flow is outward from the inner body of the tooth. With sugar ingestion, your tooth reverses flow and dentin flow goes inward. That allows bacteria to penetrate and take up shop in your teeth. This was not discovered by Price but corroborates his findings and gives a credible explanation for how our modern diet causes so much tooth decay. He did show they then change from oxygen-consuming to being able to live without oxygen and start secreting toxins. And then, with enough of the right stress at the right time, you get sick. 

 WWW. What will work for me? If you have an unexplained illness, look at your teeth. Do you have gum disease? Are you losing weight and just can’t keep it on? Do you brush AND floss daily?   Are you going crazy with symptoms you can’t figure out?   If you are desperate and are grasping at straws, read this book. It may be a lifeline for you. This knowledge was discovered back in the 20s by one of our genius scientists and got lost for 70 years. I’m certainly going to floss a lot more. And eat much less sugar.   

 Pop Quiz

  1. A diet heavy in sugar changes the flow of fluid in your teeth? T or F                  Answer:  True. It reverses it.
  1. If you have cavities, you have bacteria in your dentin (the foundation of your teeth) channels. T or F                      Answer:  True also.
  1. These bacteria are the same that are in your mouth at all times but changed to being able to live without oxygen. T or F                        Answer:  Not fair, that’s in the book and not mentioned in this email
  1. Taking an infected tooth out of a human and culturing the dentin will result in positive bacterial growth, which, when implanted in rabbits, may duplicate the disease the human had. T or F                         Answer:   True
  1. Everyone with a root canal gets better, what’s the big deal? T or F                        Answer:  Maybe true in the short term, but there appears to be a strong correlation with systemic illness occurring when their immune system isn’t as robust as it is right now: after a big life stressor.