Vitamin K2 and Beautiful People

April 22, 2013

Vitamin K2 and Beautiful People 

Reference:  Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox  By Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue 

 Weston Price, the Cleveland Dentist called the Charles Darwin of nutrition, traveled the world to find indigenous people who weren’t eating western food and didn’t have dental problems.  He found them.  Time and again he noted that they had broad, symmetrical faces with no cavities.  They didn’t need to have their wisdom teeth pulled. They had straight teeth.  They looked handsome/beautiful.  

When he returned to America, he concocted a mix of ingredients he called Activator X mixture (grass raised butter and cod liver oil: Vitamins K2, A and D) to mothers and children.  He noted again and again that this resulted in faces with broader arches, room for teeth to grow into, and a more full jaw.  He reversed cavities with his Activator X, something no one else has done since.  The symbol of the Weston Price Foundation is a narrow map of North America surrounded by two wide maps of Asia and Africa, to symbolize that difference in facial shape between societies that get K2 and those that don't.  

And time and time again, he noted that indigenous societies gave organ meat to their children and pregnant women: grass-raised organ meat is very high in K2. Since Weston Price observed these findings, the science has gradually caught up, and confirmed them.  For example, as a small trivia aside, you can show that the oft observed lack of wrinkles on elderly “aboriginal folks” is correlated exactly with their K2 blood level.  Yes, that’s it.  More K2, less wrinkles.   

That same finding has been confirmed in Japan.  Fewer varicose veins too. But wait.  It gets more fun.  For our faces to develop their full shape, we need K2 when our mothers are pregnant with us.  That gives the cartilage chance to grow to its full size and our dental arch to be adequately sized.  Now, when you have a symmetrical face, you look “handsome” or “Beautiful”.  Your face follows nature’s natural mathematical formula, the Fibonacci Sequence.   That is the math sequence that flowers are based on, the chambered nautilus seashell is based on.  It is the formula for the Parthenon…. And all things beautiful.  

First-born children tend to have more symmetrical faces than second-born.  Look at the picture of Diana’s sons.  William is older (on the right) and has a broader face.  Harry has a narrower face.  Diana didn’t have as much K2 left when she was pregnant with Harry.   Could this be related?  Could this all be because of Vitamin K2? The implications of this are far reaching.  Vitamin K2 is an important lifelong need. It comes to us from grass-raised animals. 

We don’t die of its lack very quickly.  Without K1, we die of bleeding in weeks, so our body pays attention to bleeding first. We make K1 in our gut. But we used to have enough K2 in our diet and just got out of the business of making K2 way, way back.  And then, 100 years ago we took our cows off the pasture and off green grass and fed them corn and beans.  And we stopped sucking the marrow out of our bones.  As a consequence, you and I have cavities, and wrinkles, and varicose veins and heart attacks, and thin bones and diabetes…and and and. 

 WWW. What Will Work for Me.  Well, if we haven’t convinced you by now to take K2, we might not ever.   So, your alternative is to start eating grass-raised butter, bone marrow and pancreas glands. That will also do it.  And should your kids get it?  Yes, before you.  Just like your ancestors used to do, 3,000 years ago. 

Pop Quiz 1.  Weston Price observed that symmetrical faces correlated with diets rich in grass-raised animal products.  T or F True 

 2.  He came back to America and proceeded to make Activator X out of spring grass butter and cod liver oil, and thereby cured children of cavities and dental arch problems. T or F               Answer:  Bingo. Exactly what he did. So profound, no one really believed it. 

 3.  Do you think pregnant mothers should take K2 while Pregnant?                         Answer:  Is the earth round or flat?    Absolutely!   

4.    K2 allows the human body to develop along nature's natural mathematical formula of beauty, the Fibonacci Sequence?  T or F                         Answer:   True.  Isn't that awesome.  It's as though K2 is the key to the "God Formula" for development in all nature?   

5.  Having enough K2 is correlated with lower wrinkle and varicose vein counts?  T or F              Answer:   True 

 6.  The K2 discovery might be more important than Vitamin D.  T or F                           Answer:  True.  Well, they complement each other. Vit D stimulates the production of the protein that K activates.  Primitive societies typically consumed 4-10 times the amount of these vitamins compared to what we eat today.  And they had Vitamin A too. It is also an important player.

Column written by Dr. John E Whitcomb, Brookfield Longevity, Brookfield, WI