Who was Weston Price?

March 18, 2013

Who Was Weston Price? Dentist Extraordinaire! 

 ReferenceNutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price 

 Simple.  He is the “Charles Darwin of Nutrition”.  He was a dentist from Cleveland who got tired of putting cavities into kids’ mouths in the 1920s.  He asked the question, “Why do so many kids have cavities in America?”  With his wife and his new technology, a camera, he traveled the world to every society he could find where folks didn’t have access to modern food.  He took pictures of their teeth, faces and bodies and recorded exquisitely detailed notes about their diet. 

 What he observed was groundbreaking.  Again in again, in virtually every “primitive” society, he found that the people knew the value of important foods to prevent disease.  Without brushing teeth, he found perfect dental arches and full mouths of teeth without cavities.  This correlated with eating milk from grass-raised animals, particularly early spring grass.  He found that tuberculosis couldn’t take hold until folks started eating western food.  He found that the “Indians” knew how to prevent scurvy by carefully cutting out the adrenal glands from animals and sharing them with all the members of a family. (Adrenals have very high levels of C in them). 

 Then he acted on what he found.  He came back to America and started to collect milk from farmers in Ohio in the spring when the grass was greenest.  He would mix the butter from that early green grass with cod liver oil and called it Activator X.  He started giving the Activator X to his patients with cavities.  And he cured them.  He also gave Activator X to mothers who were pregnant, resulting in children having better teeth.  See the two sisters in the attached picture.  The second girl was born five years later and has perfect x-rays and well aligned teeth. She got Activator X.You can see her teeth on the right.  Nice and straight!  See the x-rays.  Activator X was given to her and her mother while her mother while her mother was pregnant. 

Activator X is basically Vitamins K2, D, A and omega fatty acids. (Spring butter with cod liver oil.)  Sounds like the argument can be made the first thing to go wrong in development and nutrition is bad, misaligned teeth. 

WWW. What will work for me.  Vitamin K2 seems to be a remarkably potent and ubiquitous vitamin directing calcium metabolism.  Weston Price’s genius was that he found that, just by being curious, relentlessly detailed, and following his gut.  Just like Charles Darwin.  Having grown up with cavities, and having had both my wisdom teeth pulled and now having lost a crown, I’m tired of dental problems.  I’m starting myself on K2.  I found MK-7, the most active and long-lasting form.  200 mcg a day.  You should too.  And please, please, tell every pregnant mother you know!  Or have her call me, and I’ll give her the whole spiel.

The Column was written by Dr John Whitcomb, MD, Brookfield Longevity, Brookfield, WI