Hidden Names for MSG

August 10, 2010

Give me a List!  Hidden Names of MSG 

 Competency: Brain Health 

 Ok, ok already!  I’ve gotten dozens of requests from folks to have a simple list for MSG for your wallet or fridge.  MSG is such a dangerous food additive, we all simply need to find ways to get it out of our food supply.  MSG and aspartame (the blue stuff – and the sweetener in most diet sodas) are neuroexcitotoxins that damage your brain, slowly and inexorably.  Without direct proof, there are strong associations between MSG and the rise of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and ALS in the last 50 years.  MSG makes food taste so good, you just can’t resist it.  That’s why manufacturers put it in so many of our foods.   

Our food manufacturers also know very well that it damages brains, which is why they are not brave enough to put it in food under the name MSG.  Instead, they place it under the title of the food it was extracted from.   Note, glutamate and aspartate are two amino acids found commonly in food as part of proteins.  When you eat a whole protein it takes hours to get into your blood, and much of it is digested and altered in your large bowel by bacteria that change it.  In its purified form, it gets into your blood faster, and because we have so much of it in our diets, it raises the blood level of glutamate to levels that gradually sneak into your brain and damage you.   

Just ask around a bit and see if you can find someone you know who lights up and agrees with you that they get headaches whenever they drink a diet soda with aspartame, or eat foods with MSG in it.  They are out there! Manufacturers can extract MSG from many sources.  Waste vegetable, such as carrot pieces from all those shaped carrots, can be boiled down and put in hydrochloric acid to break down the proteins.  They “hydrolyzes” the protein.  It’s not hard to then concentrate the glutatate and aspartate.  

Any name with “Hydrolyzed….. protein” in it, is MSG by another name.  Same goes for “Extract”.  Same goes “spices”.   

 Containing up to 80% MSG MSG 

                Autolyzed Yeast 

                Calcium Caseinate 

                 Monosodium Glutamate 

                 Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein          

                 Textured Protein 

                  Monopotassium Glutamate 

                   Hydrolyzed Plant Protein 

                  Yeast Exract 

                  Glutamic Acid 

                   Sodium Caseinate 

                   Autolyzed Yeast 

Even small doses of MSG can add up because there are many of these:     Soy sauce, or extract Broth,  Stock Malt Extract,  Natural Flavors,  Modified Food Starch,  Natural chicken flavoring,  Seasonings Carrageenan,  Annatto,  Guar Gum,  Fermented proteins.  

There are many web sites that give more information.  Try Googling "Hidden Names for MSG". .http://www.msgmyth.com/hidename.htm 

 WWW: What will work for me.  We are gradually figuring this out.  When I have a question, I look it up.  Cut this table out, put it on your fridge or in your wallet when you go shopping.  Get in the habit of choosing non-MSG containing foods.

Column written by Dr. John E. Whitcomb, MD, Brookfield Longevity, Brookfield, WI.  (262-784-5593)