Fifty Ways to Meet Your Lover - Names for Sugar

June 01, 2009

Fifty Ways to Meet Your Lover 

 Competency # 11 Sugar                 Reference: Google: “Names for Sugar”  

We love sugar.  Our tongues have receptors for sugar.  Our brain puts out endorphins when we eat sugar.  Throughout our evolution, sweet meant valuable nutrition that was safe to gorge on.  Now, in the twenty-first century, sweet is our downfall.  We are all addicted to it.  When we get it, we gorge on it.  We all know that sugar is a problem.  Our food manufacturers know that we are watching. 

Here is where it gets tricky.  Law requires that processed foods have a label on them that list their ingredients in order of content.  If sugar is the most abundant ingredient, it must be listed first.   Then, you, the savvy shopper, would not buy it.  Let’s pull off some sleight-of-hand.  Let’s fool you, knowing that you really want to be fooled anyways.  

Let’s put sugar into many different forms, and list each of the forms separately.   They are all still sugar, glucose, and fructose combined together.  It gets to be kind of fun.  Here are the 56 names I’ve found so far for sugar.  Fifty ways…

1. Barley malt

2. Barbados sugar

3. Beet sugar

4. Brown sugar

5. Buttered syrup

6. Cane juice

7. Cane sugar

8. Caramel

9. Corn syrup

10. Corn syrup solids

11. Confectioner’s sugar

12. Carob syrup

13. Castor sugar

14. Date sugar

15. Dehydrated cane juice

16. Demerara sugar

17. Dextran

18. Dextrose

19. Diastatic malt

20. Diatase

21. Ethyl maltol

22. Free Flowing Brown Sugars

23. Fructose

24. Fruit juice

25. Fruit juice concentrate

26. Galactose

27. Glucose

28. Glucose solids

29. Golden sugar

30. Golden syrup

31. Grape sugar

32. HCFS

33. Honey

34. Icing sugar

35. Invert sugar

36. Lactose

37. Malt

38. Maltodextrin

39. Maltose

40. Malt syrup

41. Mannitol

42. Maple syrup

43. Molasses

44. Muscovado

45. Panocha

46. Powdered Sugar

47. Raw sugar

48. Refiner’s syrup

49. Rice syrup

50. Sorbitol

51. Sorghum syrup

52. Sucrose

53. Sugar (granulated)

54. Treacle

55. Turbinado sugar

56. Yellow sugar

 There are more! 

 WWW:  What Will Work for Me?  Alarm, alarm!  You are being lied to.  Give me a break.  Turn it around and have some fun.  Look at your next “Fiber Bar” and see how many forms of sugar you can find.  If there are more than three, DON’T eat it.  It’s mostly sugar.  And your lover is lying to you.  Toss it.  Have an apple. Eve may be a fallen angel, but she offered you a sweet apple, and it is better for you.

This column was written by John E. Whitcomb, MD, Brookfield Longevity, Brookfield, WI.  (262-784-5300)