Alkali Diet, Part III: The Acid Base Balance Table

May 06, 2008

The Alkali Diet Part III: Acid Base Balance Table 

 Competency # 16 Minerals Reference: James Dowd and Diane Stafford’s “The Vitamin D Cure” Published 2008 John Wiley and Sons Reference for Renal Acid Load: Remer T, Manz F.  

Potential renal acid load of foods and its influence on urine pH. J Am Diet Association. 1995 July: 95(7):791-7. 

 Ok, so how do I figure out where I am with the alkali in my diet?  10,000 years ago, humans ate a diet that was dramatically alkali.  Our bodies evolved eating more potassium and magnesium than sodium, and thereby ended up with much more alkali.  Our excreted end products in our urine didn’t have to deal with acid.  

Now, in our modern world we do.  Our diet has changed drastically in the last 10,000 years.  Each and every change has added an increment more acid.  We call those increments “milli-equivalents” because that’s what the chemist can measure and calculate.  James Dowd, in his great book “The Vitamin D Cure” calls them simply points.  His formula helps you to figure out home “acid” or how “alkali” your diet it.  The goal is to be neutral, at least.  That way, your body will have the natural chemical environment it was designed to have. So, what’s new in the last 10,000 years? 

 Here is a rough translation of how James Dowd has converted the results of your metabolism into acids and bases. ACID POINTS : The multipliers reflect the rough amount of acid each type of food makes when it’s digested. 

 1.  Bread.                Take each serving of bread in the last day =       ______  x’s 2 =______ (We didn’t domesticate wheat until 10,000 years ago.  So, it’s new) 

 2.  Breakfast cereal is more “refined”.      How many servings    = _______x’s 8 = ______ (Again, made from grains but all the fiber polished off and germ removed) 

 3.  Pasta.                                                    How many servings =   _______ x’s 6 = ______ (Pasta is wheat made into flour, add egg……) 

 4.  Meat and Fish                                                            Servings= _______x’s 9 = _______ (Remember, meat has amino acids, becomes acid) 

 5.  Beans (includes peanuts)                                          Servings= _______x’s 4 =_______ 

 6.  Nuts                                                                          Servings=________x’s 7=_______ 

 7.  Cheese (except cottage which counts as meat)        Servings=_______x’s 20=_______ SALT: Do you add salt more than 3 times a week?  If yes, add 3 points               _______ SATURATED FAT: More than 3 servings butter, cream, ice cream, or Processed meats.                           Add 3 points                                      _______ TOTAL ACID Points  

_______   ALKALI POINTS 

 1.  Fruit servings        (1/2 cup = serving)                      Servings=_______x’s 3= _______ 

 2.  Vegetables                                                                  Servings=_______x’s 3=_______ TOTAL ALKALI Points                   NEGATIVE POINTS                   ( ______)   

 Score:  Add up all the acids - then all the alkali and TOTAL the two:              _______ Less than zero.  You are a rare American.  Your body chemistry loves you You are 90% there.  This will be easy You are on tilt.  You need help >30.  Your body needs help.  And you didn’t even know it!  Most folks are here. The foods we eat have put our internal chemistry in a place never seen before until just this century.  Next week, we will discuss the reasons to change and how it will affect your health. 

 WWW:  What Will Work for Me?  Whew.  I’m like a car battery.  Pure acid.  James Dowd’s fix seems radical.  But the benefits are immense.  I need to learn them in detail or I can’t make these changes.  So, that’s next week.  My goal: convince you, my dear skeptical friend, why it’s good for you.  Meanwhile, nothing but apples for lunch today to make up for ………  You wouldn’t believe how much delicious Greek Yogurt I can go through when there are no witnesses.  It’s divine.   (–2 points per serving)  And for the spinach buffs, spinach stands all by itself at –14 points.  Popeye was really much smarter than you think!

The column was written by Dr. John E. Whitcomb, MD, Brookfield Longevity, Brookfield, WI. (262-784-5300)