Vitamin D News

September 29, 2005

Vitamin D News 

 Competency #17  Vitamin D                              Reference:  Journal Clinical Nutrition Nov 2005 Special Supplement: First International Symposium on Vitamin D 

 There is stunning new information out on Vitamin D that most doctors don't know.  This is the original source material.   Journal Clinical Nutrition Nov 2005 Special Supplement: First International Symposium on Vitamin D. What diseases does Vit D have an impact on? 

 1.  Rickets.  As many as 80% of children in America in 1900 had rickets.  Bowed legs.  Short stature.  Knobby ribs.  Heavy industrial smog made the "Cream City" brick in Milwaukee black.  We have much cleaner air now.  We cured rickets with the public health intervention of putting Vit D in milk and now orange juice.   You get 100 U per 8 oz glass.  Research on actual levels shows wide variability.  That makes rickets the archetype of a Vit D deficiency disease.  But there are more.  Here's why. •Vit D binds to a nuclear protein in virtually every cell in your body and is a powerful stimulant for the cell to turn into what it was intended to be.  In the small bowel, Vit D makes cells mature into better Ca absorbers.  In the pancreas, it makes Islet cells mature into good insulin makers.  In the kidney, it inhibits renin secretion (yes. there is evidence based medicine that a tanning booth lowers blood pressure by lowering renin levels through Vit D) 

 2.  The Evidence shows: •Multiple sclerosis rates in women taking a vitamin pill a day drop by 50% •Colon cancer:  40% •Prostate Cancer: 30% •Breast Cancer: 25% 

 3.  In cell culture of lymphocytic leukemia, Vit D makes the cells mature into normal lymphocytes, ruining the cell culture. 

 4.  In 1 year old kids given 2000 units of Vit D a day - they drop their future risk of insulin dependent diabetes by 80%! 

 5.  Fibromyalgia: Professor of Nutrition from Georgetown Medical School states that 30 % - 50% of fibromyalgia aches and pains comes from low Vit D levels. 

 Are all these diseases part of what we might call "Vit D deficiency"?  They are the scourges of our modern society.  Which lives indoors and too far north to get adequate sunshine for 6 months every year. Ask yourself: did you get 20 minutes of sunshine in the 6 hours of mid-day twice in the last week? 

 WWW: What Will Work for Me:  I repeat.  I am personally taking 2 400 U tablets extra a day in addition to my 400 units in my multivitamin.  I am a gardener.  I am out in the yard every day.  I started my extra pills this week and will take them for the next 6 months.   The sun doesn't suddenly go down.  But it is a lot weaker and is effectively absent for the next 6 months. The INPATIENT pharmacy at Aurora figured out how to order it.  Walgreen's has it.  Outpost has a "Vegetarian" source for twice the price.   Walmart has it.  Ask for it!

 The column is written by Dr. John E Whitcomb, MD, Brookfield Longevity, Brookfield, WI.  (262-784-5593)